We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit all businesses. We are ready to help your business take control of it’s finances and realise it’s potential

Our main aim is to increase the net financial worth of our clients.

In addition we…

  • Shall aim to answer the telephone by the third ring and return all calls received on the same working day, unless otherwise requested.
  • Shall aim to arrive at all appointments within 5 minutes of the pre-arranged time and advise you where we are likely to be later. We aim to see all visiting clients within 5 minutes of their arrival.
  • Shall offer all visitors a choice of refreshments on arrival.
  • Shall aim to contact you within 2 weeks of your year end to arrange for your year end accounts to be prepared.
  • Aim to check your records within the first 3 days of receiving them to assess that all the required documentation is available and contact you with details of anything which is missing.
  • Shall aim to get draft accounts to you within 4 weeks of the pre-arranged starting date and hold your books no longer than necessary.
  • Shall aim to provide at least a weeks notice of deadline dates resulting in penalties.
  • Aim to reply to all letters from clients within 5 working days and all other correspondence within 30 days.
  • Shall aim to ensure that all correspondence sent out is error-free and contains the correct enclosures.
  • Will offer a fixed fee and guarantee for all services.
  • Shall continue to offer additional services where we feel that these will be of value to you.
  • Shall act at all times with absolute honesty, discretion and confidentiality.